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The anti-aging power of marine enzymes

If you knew testing on a strain of marine enzymes was found to prevent 5 years of aging in just 6 months, would you dive to the bottom of the ocean for it?

This incredible anti-aging secret was discovered in a marine enzyme found in the Pacific Ocean called Thermus Thermophilus. When fermented it produces Venuceane. Its natural antioxidant powers soak up free radicals produced by UV exposure. It is also proven to protect against age spots, wrinkles and blemishes.

Venuceane works by imitating the anti-free radical (anti-oxidant) protective enzymes found naturally in the skin. It provides much stronger protection to the skin than more commonly known vitamin antioxidants such as Vitamin E.

In fact, tests found Venuceane could reverse signs of ageing such as wrinkles by an average of 5.1 years in 6 months. Its results also work for imperfections, like irregularity of the grain of the skin and superficial capillaries, by an average of 1.4 years in 6 months.

This highly effective marine enzyme comes from a bacterium strain originally isolated to thermal vent environments, but since found in shallow marine hydrothermal systems, as well as low-saline solfataric springs.

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