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Sunscreen and Acne: What’s the Connection?

If you have acne prone skins the fear of sunscreens triggering breakouts is a reality as some sunscreen formulas, like creams, have a higher oil content, are known to clog pores and be more comedogenic than others! However, if you are on an acne treatment program, it is essential that you protect your skin from the sun as some acne medications leave the skin more sensitive to the sun. (Topical benzoyl peroxide, prescribed Retin-A, Accutane or oral medications like Tetracycline and Doxycycline.) Failing to apply a sunscreen before going into the sun can cause irritation, inflammation and burning.

So “for peace of mind” and to keep your complexion clear the most important thing you need to do is to choose a sunscreen formula that is more suitable for your acne prone skin. So what Sunscreen is the Best to Use on Acne Prone Skin? Many people who have acne hate the feel of thick, “greasy” sunscreen on their skin and they sometimes skip using it for fear it will trigger breakouts. To help prevent this it’s important to use the right type of sunscreen for acne prone skin. Here are some basic guidelines to help you find a product that is less likely to cause breakouts:

  • An alcohol based spray format is less likely to clog the pores and cause breakouts because it generally has a lower oil content that other formats and the alcohol base dissolves excess oil on the skin.
  • Gels, light serums, liquids, or fluid lotions generally have a low oil content. This makes them far less likely to clog pores and cause breakouts.
  • Avoid creams or lotion products with thick, overly creamy textures. The ingredients used to give a product a thick or solid texture increase the oil content of the product and make it more likely to clog pores or cause breakouts.
  • Avoid products that are scented or dyed, as these can irritate the skin.
  • Choose a sunscreen that is non-greasy and non-comedogenic (doesn’t stimulate acne). Excess oil on the skin is usually the basis of many acne problems and breakouts.

allmedic™ has just launched a SPF 30 light & clear sunscreen spray. The new product is:

  • Non-greasy, lightweight and offers clear coverage.
  • Quick drying and easy to apply.
  • Has a sun protection factor of 30 (SPF30) and offers broad spectrum protection against dangerous UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Contains no nanoparticles.
  • Suitable for every day use particularly on oily and acne prone skin.
  • Suitable to be worn under make-up.
  • Designed to be used with other allmedic™ products.

The correct acne management plan will help provide you with the best chance of resolving stubborn acne. Contact us on 1300 652 969 or consult an allmedic™ stockist and find out more about the allmedic™ acne skin care products and treatments.

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