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How red grapes can benefit your skin

Have you heard about the anti-ageing benefits of red wine? 30+ Face & Body Moisturising Sunscreen

The skin and seeds of red grapes is a good source of resveratrol extract which has been celebrated as the reason why drinking red wine could help manage heart disease, prevent cancer and control the ageing process.

But scientists say we would have to drink about 1,000 bottles of red wine a day to make a difference!

Other sources of resveratrol found in nature include the white hellebore plant, a member of the lily family, and Japanese knotweed. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant produced when plants are attacked by bacteria or fungi to defend themselves against the attack.

Resveratrol extract has proven to be effective when it comes in direct contact with the skin and it is also believed to be useful for treating cancer. Research on animals has shown resveratrol interacts with cancerous cells, making them ineffective.

Australian biologist Dr David Sinclair made headlines around the world when he discovered how resveratrol could help control the aging process. His research had mice running twice as far and living up to 30 percent longer after taking the resveratrol supplement.

One of the main active ingredients in allmedic’s 30+ Face & Body Moisturising Sunscreen is resveratrol extract.

Another powerful antioxidant in allmedic’s sunscreen is niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3. It prevents the growth of reactive oxygen-based species and works as a scavenger to inhibit the creation of a chain growth of free radicals.

These two antioxidants, resveratrol extract and niacinamide, and the addition of other active ingredients, like micro-fine zinc oxide, combine to make allmedic’s sunscreen so effective. Zinc Oxide is pH neutral and does not shift the pH of the sunscreen into the high alkaline range. This helps to maintain the health of the skin.

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