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How does a serum work?

Serums are an oil-in-water emulsion with low viscosity. They contain potent, targeted ingredients with a smaller molecular structure than moisturisers, so they can penetrate deeper into the skin to combat dehydration, sagging and loss of radiance.

Serums deliver nutrients to the skin via a thin film of active ingredients. Be sure not to massage in a serum. Apply two pumps using your fingertips in an upward motion to the face and neck.

allmedic’s Night Repair Serum is a non-greasy, powerful moisturiser for the skin containing antioxidants, encapsulated retinol and niacinamide. You can use this serum as part of a normal skincare regime on dehydrated, sun damaged, aged, acne-prone or pigmented skin.

Encapsulated retinol (Vitamin A) is an anti-wrinkle ingredient that smooths away fine lines and improves the skin’s condition. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) inhibits the creation of a chain growth of free radicals. There are many other active ingredients in Night Repair Serum that work together to stabilise and stratify the skin matrix. Visit the Products pages on our website for a full list of ingredients and directions for use. 

You can alternate the Night Repair Serum with one of our AHA products to get rid of old, dead and dry skin cells. This replaces the need for a night moisturiser. Visit our blog for more on what AHAs can do for your skin.