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Clear Your Skin & Radiate Confidence

The Time is Now!

Are you currently battling acne or do you bear the scars of your past ordeal? Then it’s the perfect time to repair and rejuvenate your skin!  allmedic™ is committed to finding medically researched solutions to addressing  acne on all areas of the body. Ongoing research and development ensures that its’ products provide the best possible outcomes for every patient who uses them.

A Skin Repair Product Suitable for Acne Prone Skin

After months of research and development allmedic is very proud to introduce its newest product innovation, allmedic™ 2 in 1 Skin Repair Cream.

If you have oily or acne prone skin without question the use of a skin repair product containing active levels of AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acid such as glycolic and lactic acids), BHA (Beta hydroxyl acid such as salicylic acid) and the powerful antioxidant Niacinamide will give you the best results.

Salicylic acid is a lipid (oil) soluble molecule. This allows it to penetrate pores that contain sebum (oil), helping to exfoliate and unblock the pore and normalise the lining of the pore. This then helps to bring breakouts under control. It also has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.

AHA’s chemically exfoliate the top layer of skin allowing newer, healthier skin cells to show through. They are particularly useful enhancing the appearance of acne damaged skin and stimulate collagen production.

The skin healing agent Niacinamide helps: – reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation; neutralise harmful free radicals; improve the skins texture, tone & appearance; maintain the complexion and health of the skin; provide basic anti-inflammatory properties.

A combination of these actives will help to keep acne breakouts under control and repair the damaging effects of acne.

allmedic™ active 2 in 1 Skin Repair Cream:

  • Contains 15% active AHA’s.
  • Contains 2% of the BHA Salicylic Acid
  • Contains 5% of the powerful antioxidant and depigmenting agent Niacinamide.
  • Is suitable for use on the body and face of all skin types including acne prone skin.
  • Offers value for money. Can be used as a mask and night moisturiser.

Contact us on 1300 652 969 or consult an allmedic™stockist to find out more about the allmedic™skin care products and treatments.

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