About allmedic & Our Approach

allmedic™ is a skin health company designed by Australian specialists and general practitioners who are passionate about treating and protecting Australian skin. By combining their skills and knowledge in sun damage, skin cancer, cosmetology, molecular immunology, allergy and pharmacy they have created the first true doctor administered skin management system for doctors and their patients.

Traditionally skin care has been the domain of the beauty and marketing industries. Negligible results and evidence of efficacy, poor value for money and marketing hype have all contributed to a shift in patient thinking. As patients become more discerning and educated regarding their skin, they are increasingly demanding medically directed solutions for skin health.

In response to this demand, the team at allmedic™ has devised a skin health system which provides a treatment regime along with an ongoing maintenance plan. allmedic™ offers a clinical product range and access to non invasive medical skin treatment procedures for all doctors and specialists to use in their medical practices.

Our team of doctors believe that education is critical to best practice so we have introduced a strong initial training program with ongoing technical and support infrastructure to complement our skin health system.

allmedic™ is an exciting new opportunity in skin health and treatment for both patients and doctors. To find out more about the allmedic™ product range, training, non-invasive procedures and the co-operative doctor only business model: CALL NOW on 1300 652 969 or email [email protected].

allmedic Products – specialised skin products that feature the latest in skin science to repair and protect sun damaged, blemished and aged skin. allmedic products are only available under the supervision of your doctor. They can be used as either a general skin repair and protection regime or in conjunction with treatment procedures such as photodynamic therapy, IPL laser treatments, medical microdermabrasion and skin peels.