The allmedic Opportunity

allmedic was the first Australian skin repair company created exclusively by doctors for doctors to educate, treat, repair and protect Australian skin. With its proprietary product suite and advanced skin management system, it has been designed to specifically manage sun damaged, aged skin and blemished skin.

Low on marketing hype and high on scientific evidence and research, allmedic was developed by experts in response to patient demand. With Australia being the skin cancer and sun damage capital of the world, patients are increasingly demanding medical supervision of their skin to combat sun and environmental damage and the effects of ageing and to treat blemished and oily skin.

Patient Benefits of allmedic Skin Care

Working with the allmedic system provides doctors and medical practises with the latest technology and scientific research to deepen and strengthen patient relationships. By providing clinical grade skin repair and protection products coupled with non-invasive skin repair procedures, it can offer high quality patient outcomes. The allmedic system offers a number of cosmetic benefits for your patients including:

  • proactive approach to skin normalisation and stabilisation;
  • medical expertise and supervision of tailored treatment and protection regimes; and
  • unparallelled education and training programs by medical experts allowing doctors to take control of skin repair at an unprecedented level.

The allmedic range of doctor only treatment modalities, including PDT (a proprietary protocol approach to photodynamic therapy based on international best practice) have been designed to complement and expand on the allmedic skin product range.

Unparalleled Education & Training by allmedic

Developed by experts in the skin cancer, skin allergy, cosmetology and pharmaceutical industries, the allmedic ‘hands on’ practical training and education program in this critical area of patient care is unprecedented.

With a ‘patient-first’ focus at the core of the allmedic philosophy coupled with non-invasive skin repair procedures, doctors can access the high quality education program. Only allmedic gives you the tools, training, technical support and confidence to meet patient demand for skin repair and acne management.

Commercial Benefits

As well as extensive patient benefits and practitioner training advantages, implementation of the allmedic skin treatment system also provides significant revenue opportunities. Beyond Medicare, sales of product and non-invasive skin repair procedures also generate income. The proprietary allmedic and PDT training and protocols facilitate the addition of new value added services into medical practices - resulting in significant benefits to cash flow, profit and valuation metrics.

Start the allmedic Journey

allmedic is an exciting new opportunity in skin care for both patients and doctors. Contact us to find out more about the allmedic product range, non invasive procedures, training modules and the co-operative doctor only business model.