allmedic Acne Repair

  • allmedic Acne Repair

    allmedic Acne allclear Lotion

    A non greasy face and body acne lotion which contains antioxidants, a combination of acids in an osmotic gel, and a natural keratolytic. Overall it has anti inflammatory and proliferative effects, helps to control oil production and decreases the presence of harmful bacteria.

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  • allmedic Acne Repair

    allmedic Active Exfoliating Scrub

    allmedic Active Exfoliator Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub is a clinical grade skincare product made by doctors and is exclusively available at doctors' clinics.

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  • allmedic Acne Repair

    allmedic Active Cleanser

    allmedic Active Face & Body Cleanser is a clinical grade skincare product made by doctors and is exclusively available at doctors' clinics.

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Acne is one of the most common skin diseases affecting more than 80% of the population. It is a significant dermatological disease requiring appropriate and immediate medical treatment especially in mild, moderate to severe cases. Unfortunately, more than 70% of stubborn acne sufferers never seek medical attention.

Whether acne occurs as a teen or during adulthood, persistent, moderate to severe acne can cause sufferers physical damage and scarring to the skin, as well as significant emotional distress that can erode self esteem and confidence. Immediate action is the key to success when resolving this sort of acne.

Managing this dermatological condition requires the sufferer to take a very systematic approach:

Step 1 - See the Doctor immediately for a skin assessment.
Step 2 - The trigger and risk factors associated with the patient’s acne will be identified.
Step 3 - Finally an acne action plan will be developed to manage and resolve the patient’s acne.

The allmedic Approach to Acne

allmedic acne products offer patients and doctors an easy to use, integrated Acne repair system. This enables the doctor to treat and manage acne in its mild, moderate or severe forms. The system includes procedures, treatment protocols, clinical grade products and medical follow up. These keep the doctor as the primary point of contact when patients deal with their skin health. This ensures controlled outcomes for patients as only regular interactions with a doctor can optimise acne outcomes.

The allmedic products, treatment regimes, Photodynamic Therapy protocols and training are designed by doctors, for doctors and its products and protocols are not, and will never be, sold over the Internet or via other discount, beautician or pharmacy retail channels.

Photodynamic Therapy is a relative new way to help control and prevent oily and problematic skin. It has been used in the management of congested and acne prone skin. For more information about Photodynamic Therapy log onto the Photodynamic Therapy section on our home page.